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5 Best Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) for 2022

Search engine optimization is the best practice to enhance your website to be properly indexed and ranking better through search engines. T…

Open Graph Meta Tags & Twitter Cards Markup for Blogger

What are meta tags and Twitter tags, Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content for search engines. In other words, met…

How To Write SEO Friendly Content ( Tips & Tools )

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is a major factor that to consider for ranking in search engines. Top websites use advanced SEO content …

Blogger SEO Code For Blogger Templates

This is the all in one SEO pack for Blogger that resembles Yoast SEO in WordPress. After the application of the above, you are guaranteed…

How to Fix Missing: author Error in Blogger Website

Fix Missing author errors in google search console structured data markup by declaring author profile and URL in blogger template. Missing…

How To Add SEO Keywords In Blogger Website

Meta tags or another name meta keywords in Blogger are the top searched search engine optimized words you can add to your website post that…

Simplest SEO Practices For Blogger Websites

Search engine optimization started from time immemorial. In the modern days, bloggers have come around with better simplest ways on working…

How To Solve Adsense Disapproved Insufficient Content

Todays Topic Is How To Solve Adsense Approval Rejected For Insufficient Content. It's not a new term for those who have already applied…

How to Allow Anonymous Comments In Blogger

Blogging is spiced up by comments. Comments that are from the unknown source are the ones called anonymous comments. Blogger gives us t…

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