How to Allow Anonymous Comments In Blogger

Blogging is spiced up by comments. Comments that are from the unknown source are the ones called anonymous comments. Blogger gives us the chance to allow anonymous comments in blogger blogs through settings. The commenting of a post changes the SEO of a post. When we allow all visitors to comment we give way for other viewers to review your post through reading comments from your traffic. Its a vital set up for SEO.  Let's learn how to allow anonymous comments in blogger.

There is a panel where blogger gives you to change the way users of your website relate to your post through comments. You get the chance to change the blogger commenting system between blogger and google plus. When you allow any user to comment without including the user details, that is called anonymous commenting.


How to Allow Anonymous Comments In Blogger Settings.

Follow the steps below to know where to enable anonymous comments in blogger settings.
Step 1. Log in to Blogger.
Step 2. Reach out to the left settings command in your blogger dashboard.
Step 3. Click on settings and below Basic, there is a post, comments and sharing panel.
Step 4. Click on it. And scroll to where written comments.
Step 5. You will view a section written, who Can Comment.
Step 6. That's the area, now click on ''Anyone - includes Anonymous Users''
Step 7. Now save your setting and let anyone comment now. That's all

Anonymous Comments

Importance Of Allowing Anonymous Comments In Blogger

  1. You allow people to review your work through user comments.
  2. You help engage users to your website
  3. Anonymous comments reduce website bounce rate.
If you have not set up a blogger blog yet Click On The Bellow button and add read the link post.

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