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Search engine optimization started from time immemorial. In the modern days, bloggers have come around with better simplest ways on working some search engine optimization on the blogger websites with jeopardizing the way people interact with their website post content. Blogger websites can be well optimized for search engines in various ways that we will be discussing below taking into consideration making it easy for any blogger using the blogger web platform. Let's dig in the blogger tutorial.

Simplest Advanced SEO For Blogger

Many bloggers have based their ranking from sources such as the backlinks from other websites and organizing their websites with rich search engine presets from google search engines. According to me, making people come back to your website should be the best ranking technique which brings me traffic. They would consider staying to a well organized and user-friendly website. Let's take a look at some of the latest major technique that we can use to rank with SEO.

1. Blog Design

This is the major killer of most of the modern websites today. People are down for websites that are well organized having resources and ease of use. In search way, SEO works well when websites are well presentable. Search engines algorithms are most likely tracking the time people take on your website and they're coming back and that is brought about by the general appearance of your website which brings it down to Blog Design.

2. Writing Long Post Content

Post content is the first ever thing we should consider even before setting up your website. You only rank from posts you have made yourself and not from how good your website is. Considering the fact that people are coming to your website only to get what is in it then the content is what we should be thinking about and staffing our post in such a way that a visitor will get all the related content in it. Many would ask what's the biggest content count that is recommended and I would answer that:-
It depend on The Post Count of The Same topic Written By Competitors.
300 is the minimum count of a blog post that should not go small than that. Whenever you write a post take time to look at some of the Top Ranking content counts that so as to strategize the words count of your post.

3. Structured Data Rich Snippets

Structured data tell more about the post content that the reader looks for before clicking to your website content which format search engines results of a title search. They may be displayed in various ways and that goes from the title, meta description, Rating, Carousels, Pricing and sidebar local business results. This can as well be integrated to blogger websites and thus how I have enriched my posts with search engine star review schema structured markup data. I have a list of at least 21 structured data integrated into my blogger websites. Take the below topics and use the for your blogger website SEO.

Blogger SEO Simple Schema Markup Tutorials with adding schema to blogger blog. In some cases, we have the more complex schema for people who use specific blogger websites. To get more schema markups, read the below posts to get more info.

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