Todays Topic Is How To Solve Adsense Approval Rejected For Insufficient Content. It's not a new term for those who have already applied for Adsense before and not followed some essential steps before application. Adsense can reject your blog for some various reasons, among this is the insufficient content reason. What Adsense actually means when you get the message is they did not find your content worthy to get Ads on your template. In that reason, we have to follow some steps to customize our content in such a way that crawler robots and visitors will find pleasing. Without wasting more time, let's see why you may get insufficient content Adsense disapproval.

This change from one website platform to another. You may be using WordPress and get disapproved by Adsense and most likely is that you have problems in writing your own content. That's the only reason that you can get insufficient content in your WordPress blog.

Solve Insufficient Content Adsense Account Disapproved

  1. Change the Content Body to a more friendly design.
  2. Avoid using many  headings  more than content.
  3. Remove many photos from your theme.
  4. Write content of more than 300 words.
  5. Have at least 30-50 posts before applying for adsense.
  6. make sure your WordPress account complies to Adsense privacy and policies.
After following the above steps in WordPress i assure you that google will approve you the next time you apply. The biggest part is changing the content structure. Adsense crawling bots look at the way you structure your content and determine how its well placed than your competitors and if you use paragraphs and sentences. Its true that adsense bots look at grammar and structure of a website.

Now lets consider those who are using blogger blogs. This are the most  people that experience this problem due to many instances of lack of some of the paramount things you need to do before applying for adsense. Actually most blogger users get this due to the following main reasons.

Reasons Blogger Get Disapproved For Insufficient Content

  1. The Theme Template.
  2. Use of free blogspot url.
  3. Lack of well structured data
  4. Lack of privacy and policy page.
Those are the main reasons why you will get disapproved for the AdSense account for insufficient content. It had also troubled me for some time , but when i knew what i had not done, after some small period I got approved for adsense.
Mostly if you have done all that is needed and you still get insufficient content adsense account disapproved, then most probably its your template. Its good that we use the another theme template before applying for adsense and then after you get approved you can then move back to your own account. Below we have the main steps to solve the insufficient content in blogger.

How To Solve Disapproved Insufficient Content In Blogger

  1. Use another theme template with responsive design and then return to your other one after getting approved.
  2. Try use paragraphs and sentences in your blogger blog content.
  3. Buy a custom domain of any domain plan to increase your chances.
  4. Make sure your Blogger blog content has more than 300 words. 
  5. Blogger Pages should be created and contain more than 300 words.
If you use the above examples and do the exact to your template and content, then you will be approved for Adsense in both blogger and WordPress.
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