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Meta tags or another name meta keywords in Blogger are the top searched search engine optimized words you can add to your website post that you use to make a blogger post about. Adding SEO keywords in blogger is not done by code. Google and other search engines removed the code keywords crawling algorithms and now it's so hard to rank without using keywords on the blogger post correctly. How to add keywords in blogger post is done by adding them to the post, label, meta description and title.
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Learn step by step on how to add SEO keywords in Blogger post. The below list highlights the full procedure or adding SEO keywords in your Blogger website.
  1. Add Keywords In Post Title
  2. Use Keywords throughout your Blogger Post
  3. Add keyword In meta description
  4. Use correct Keyword Related labels
  5. Add Long-tail Keywords In Post URL
  6. Use Keywords in Image ALT tags 

    How To Add SEO Keywords In Post Title

    keywords in blogger are easy to use for better SEO. The title is the first priority when we consider using keywords. Titles tell all about the post and it's very hard to rank in a title that doesn't have the focus keywords people use in search engines. To use the keywords in the title headings is very important. To use them in an optimized way for better SEO it's better to use the long tail keywords that don't take the title away from what people search for in search results.

    How To Add SEO Keywords in Blogger Posts

    This is the second most vital activity to enhance blogger website SEO by using keywords in the posts paragraphs, headings, and in quotes to enhance the keywords density which increases SEO of your website. It's also important that you don't staff your post with keywords since that will kill your blogger posts SEO since the post won't be readable. Remember both humans and search engine robots are monitoring your posts.

    How to Add SEO keywords in meta description

    The meta description is a small excerpt from the whole blog post. What is inside the blog posts is what is summarized in the meta description. If you add the wrong meta description in your posts then you may receive negative SEO outcomes since it will reduce your click-through rate and people won't appreciate what is inside your blogger post since what they want is not in the meta description. What people search for are the keywords and that's what you should well explain in your meta description.

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