SEO 2022

Search engine optimization is the best practice to enhance your website to be properly indexed and ranking better through search engines. This year 2022 SEO has become even better to both pro and beginner bloggers. With optimization methods derived from past years, new methods have emerged that skyrocket website ranking to-date. The most important method is submitting your websites to search engines and that is well known b every website user. Now lets jump into the major search engine practices and optimization methods 2022. 

1. Social sharing & Advertising                                       

Today, we place social sharing as the number one SEO optimization procedure to get your website known. Big emerging websites have normalized using advertising to bring more traffic and right engagement to your website. Adwords and Facebook ads are among the best used platforms to generate keyword based traffic bringing the right traffic to your website niche. This method also enhances website revenue better than organic traffic. Almost 90% of many successful websites have funnels that generate traffic from social media and advertising.

2. Keyword Research

In SEO keywords specify your websites topics which should be used in the right density throughout our menu, tittle content and meta descriptions to provide robots with the main idea of the optimized content. Through keyword research, you can as well increase your revenue by targeting best PPC keywords. Among this few implementation of right keywords , our website has an efficient keyword generation tool that will help bloggers generate the right keywords with the analysis of PPC of each suggested keywords. 

Bellow are the most paramount keyword research SEO practices to adhere to 2022:-

  • Focus on long-tail keywords
  • Implement correct keyword density
  • Provide keywords in Title, Meta description and entire content
  • Analyze best PPC Keywords

3. Improve Website Design

Your website design can influence the bounce rate of a visitor. Its important to retain visitors to your website by improving the engagement and design as its important for SEO.  Best design also has to alongside fast load speeds as also helps retain website visitors and increase the click through rate. Fast loading websites are most likely to be ranked better in search engines than website with large resources and errors that make website lag in load speeds. 

Modern design website are emerging day by day and choosing the right website theme to showcase your content can influence your website traffic and interactions. Bellow are the advantages of improving website design :- 
  • Increase Click rate
  • Reduce traffic bounce rate
  • increase engagement
  • Optimized web load speeds
  • Increase Ads engagement and revenue

4. Structured Data & Rich Snippets

Structured data enhance your SEO with better representation of website titles, cards, URL, meta descriptions and search engine result implementation. The structured data rich snippets range from Json-ld, Schema and microdata. The most famous of the three being schema markup and brings many representation of website dat to search engines. Its proven that websites that implement structured data are 85% more likely to be ranked better in search engines. In this article we will take a look at the best structured dats to use in your website and rank better.
a. Review Star Rating

This type of structured data shows how other users  relate to your content ad how they value the rated product. This provides feedback to search engines on how like the other users will consider the content in your website. For product website and resources, rating can be of much importance. 

b. Article Markup

With this kind of schema or microdata markup you are guaranteed to rank number one in search engines. This markup highlights the exact needed points to the reader before opening your website blog. This will work better for tutorial website and article blogs that provide reader with fast solutions. 

c. News Article  Markup 

With a news website, using news article schema you will receive news carousel cards that separates content to appear more appealing to search results and show that's more attractive to blog readers. Every website in 2022 should by far have this type of schema markup as the website may most likely be include n Google News , MSN and other news website distributers for acknowledging the news provided by the website. 

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most under-rated search engine optimization method of all time. Many websites have been able to automate their sales though email marketing and creating a funnel to complete online sales and getting traffic back to their website by giving out free tools for email exchange. Using emails in 2022 can be a game changer for your website by providing the rated topics of every email list users best topics

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