Free Keyword Research Tool

Find the right keywords 100% FREE for your business, are you a blogger looking for High CPC and popular keywords for your website and YouTube content? Then look no further, This Free  Keyword Research Tool helps you discover highly related keywords for any topic in any niche. Seoblur keyword research tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner. Generating high quality results for long tail keywords and bests keywords suggestions according to post niche keyword difficulty.


Get in-depth review of keyword volume searches from top search engine analysis to improve organic traffic for your website and YouTube channel. With Cost Per Click ( CPC) section, get suggested bid estimates for each keyword. Improve your adjust your content revenue earnings with high bid keywords with top earnings. Analyze your competitor keywords in-depth CPC and SEO insights from popular search engine Google.

How To Use Free Keyword Research Tool

Learn how to use this keyword research tool with easy step-by-step points bellow for the best results. Follow them to generate keywords and use of data for better results. Steps on How do I do your own keyword research :-

  1. Enter a Keyword 
  2. Choose your location
  3. Click on Test
Now that you have the best keyword analysis, lets see how to use the keywords in your website and how to integrate the derived research data to your content. Below are the steps to integrate the keywords generated above to your website :-
  1. Post Title 
  2. Post Meta Description
  3. Image ALT text
  4. Content Paragraphs
  5. Post URL

Analyze Keywords By Search Volume

With 100% accuracy, Seoblur free keyword research tool is an easy-to-use instrument to perfectly analyze content traffic search volume for estimated organic traffic. With the search volume traffic analysis, you can derive highly searched keywords to make content on. Also, the tool gives long-tail keywords that you are likely to rank for according to search volume and available posts to assist you archive topic authority. Are you on a budget and looking for keyword research took to calculate topic volume for your website campaigns, then this the tool for you try it today.

Best Alternative to Google Keywords Planner

Google keywords planner helps you get the right AD in front of the right customer by giving you keyword bids and analysis based on investors. Now with Seoblur free keyword research tool, you not only get the CPC analysis from keyword investors but also gives the accurate search traffic relevant keyword from all traffic report. With the data analyzed with the keyword tool, you are guaranteed the very best SEO generated keywords that works with both customer bids and relevant search engine keyword search.

Keyword Research Tool In SEO

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic from search engines. Search engines use keywords to recommend the best article content through crawling. With a good keyword research tool, you can rank number #1 on search engines like Google and Bing through analyzing keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, Keyword CPC and competitors content. The tool gives alternative keyword examples that relate to the niche topic keyword. How does keyword research tool help in SEO :-

  1. Analyzing keywords search volume
  2. Deriving Keyword Difficulty
  3. Finding related keywords
  4. Improving content writing
  5. Increasing content keyword CPC
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